Mentoring Program

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Program Description

This program is designed exclusively for CBC certified coaches.

You can become a facilitator of our programs. This will allow you to expand your portfolio of services, adhere to standards of excellence, improve your competencies with new tools and resources, and learning from the compilation of Fred Kofman's Best Practices.

Program Objectives

• Improve your skills as a Conscious Business and Conscious Business Coaching facilitator.
• Learn the main characteristics of instruction in a virtual environment.
• Deepen your knowledge of the best facilitation practices.
• Acquire knowledge of the technological tools you must handle with excellence in case you are called to facilitate by the CBC.


• 100% online self-study program.
• Best Practices by Fred Kofman.
• Access to the database of resources "Connectivity for coach facilitators", where you can download exercises and practices that have worked for other coaches and share your own.
• Online facilitation materials.
• Tools to present content in a learner-friendly way.
• Tools for time management and remote facilitation.
• Quizzes to fix learning.

Additional Benefits

• Possibility to consult companies, combining our programs.
• Opportunity to facilitate our programs under specific requirements.
• You can hire a Master Coach Mentor at a preferential rate of USD50 per hour.


Duration: 7 months

What does the participant have access to?
What do you have access to as a facilitator?
Zoom video conferencing management and security protocols.
Tutorial to participate in monthly webinars “Afternoons of Consciousness.”
Correct use of Dropbox.

Roles and responsibilities of the Coach Facilitator.
Roles and responsibilities of the CBS (Coach Under Supervision).
Administrative responsibilities of the Coach Facilitator.
Ways to manage the WhatsApp group with students.
Guidelines for online sessions.

The role of the CB Coach facilitator.
Before and during the sessions (1).
Before and during the sessions (2).

Quality academic knowledge of Conscious Business modules
Structure and facilitation of the first 16 weeks of the program.
Resources and best practices for each module of the Conscious Business distinctions.

Quality academic preparation with Fred Kofman's Best Practices
Best practices prepared by Fred Kofman to learn directly from the author of the Conscious Business philosophy.

Resources for facilitating each coaching module within the Conscious Business Coaching Plus program.

By contacting our Head of Sales and Business Development you will be able to:
Learn how to promote our programs.
Learn how to review your proposals containing CBC programs, so you can incorporate best practices and win over your customers.

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